Promoting your small stall is something you may not have put a lot of thought into. Or if you have you’re still not sure what is needed or the best way to go about making your business stand out from the rest.

On this page we’ll share our experience, an explanatory video and suggestions to help you.

What Makes A Great Logo?

We were lucky enough to know about Web Wizards so when we wanted our branding and website developed for Small Stalls they were our obvious go to people. To be honest we were naive about the process or even how to start.  We learned so much along the way about understanding the essence of who we are and the importance of our brand, on keeping it consistent and using it whenever or wherever we promote ourselves.

Choosing a great designer and web building team really helped and I think it is wonderful that the Wizards share this information for if you want to have a crack at it yourself.  Let’s face it we are talking small and micro business. and money maybe tight.  You know when people come to your stall and give you that “yeah, your stuff is good but I could make it myself” vibe?  You know the can’t, but they don’t, It’s kind of like that with branding and logos!

We’d struggled for a while on our logo before we went to Web Wizards. The brief we gave the Wizard team for developing the small stalls logo was, “Picture most people’s everyday retail shopping experience.  It’s shopping centres with big corporation branding. It’s the same old stuff, some buyer decides what makes it to the shelf.  They are the same old big retail players were profit is king.  We pictured a grey dismal landscape of boring retail outlets, and there in amongst the big all about profit business outlets are these little markets, farmers markets, community markets, P&C fundraising markets, out in the open offering fun filled shopping and supporting small and micro businesses.”

Our logo, a green space out in the open, sunshine, fresh air, the ubiquitous 3m by 3m pop up marquees, balloons, that little kite breaking away from it all, capture it all for me.  

What do you think, does our logo fit our vision?

Thank you Web Wizards for sharing this video that explains the importance of your logo.

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