Bridgetown Blues just keeps on getting better.  I have a a brother (Charlie and his partner Naomi) and a cousin (Sharon the bat lady and her partner Ian) who are Bridgetown locals so I always have a welcome even when the Blues are in full swing.

To be honest I don’t rock up for the music (sorry!) I’m there for the market stalls!  The long drive from Perth to Bridgetown proved well worth it.  Hampton street was humming, the sun was shining and  I swear I wasn’t hungry until all I could smell was delicious street food! 

After a feta and spinach gozleme fix and ice cold water top up I hit stalls. Were are fast approaching Christmas so I was in shopper mode from the instant I parked the car.   

I found this awesome stall “Rekindled Metal” these metal lamps are made from recycled industrial metal.  You can hang tea lights and mossie coils in side them and they throw dancing shapes across your room or outdoor area.




I have a fascination for watches and clockwork with my favourite piece being my Granddads pocket watch.  So it should be no surprise that these lovely pieces caught my eye (a Christmas present for myself!)

 So many wonderful stalls as the signs says “‘cos everyone loves a lolly”

And even Cowgirls get the blues!


I’m always happy to support those wonderful volunteers helping a good cause (


And here is something a little different this handmade resin fish hangs from a hook , sorry Mango Jo my photo doesn’t show how beautiful it actually is!

If you found something special, unusual or unique at the Bridgetown Blues email us the details via our contact page and lets spread the word out these amazing small businesses.  Remember “Shop Small, Spend Big!”